Ombre Brows

A semi-permanent procedure resulting in a soft, filled in eyebrow look. No more filling in your eyebrows, they're now waterproof!

Eyelash Extensions Mega, Light, & Classic

We apply lash extensions on one of your natural lashes extending it and making them to appear fuller. Fills are needed about every 2-3 weeks since you lose 2-5 natural lashes a day. Never have to worry about strip lashes falling off or mascara getting all over your makeup again!

Botox 50 Units

Botox temporarily relaxes the facial muscles to help prevent deep wrinkles. Botox last for 3-4 months depending on your metabolism. The FDA calls for 64 units split between the Forehead, Glabella, and Crows Feet. We offer 50 Units which will do the trick! 


Uses a scapel to gently remove the top layer of skin resulting in loss of peach fuzz on face and old skin cells. Leaves the face hair free and makes your application so much smoother! 

Laser Lipo

Uses heat to heat up your fat cells and cause them to burst destroying them. It must be executed 2X per week for a total of 8 sessions (4 weeks) for 1 hour sessions!

Lip Blushing

A semi-permanent procedure resulting in changing your lip color to a shade of your choosing. We can make it look like you have your favorite lip stick on at all times or we can give you those natural pink, kissable lips you have always wanted!

Lip Filler

We use lip filler to enlarge your lips for a fuller, more pouty look. We customize it to your desires. If you want natural looking lips we can make it happen. 

TCA Deep Peel

Removes several layers of face resulting in loss of any pigmented spots, acne scars, etc. You have to have at least 7 days of down time following this procedure in order to receive it. It will leave your face looking like a brand new one!


Helps to break up scar tissue using several micro needles that can barely feel. It is for stretch marks or scars, both need to be at least 1 year old to have the treatment done. say goodbye to those raised red stretch marks and hello to new skin!

Cellulite Removal

Uses suction to pull apart the fat walls sticking together creating cellulite. It is an easy pain-free procedure executed 1X per week!